Virginia Innovative Therapy Associates, LLC

Providing personalized wholistic Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy in Hampton Roads

We are a family practice that provides personalized Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy in Hampton Roads. Here at VITAL we want each client to feel at home. Our dedicated therapists are committed to helping families overcome obstacles using not only clinical knowledge but compassion, empathy, and patience. It’s our honor to be a part of your journey to wellness.

Mission statement

Everything we do is to better the lives of our clients and their families. We believe in thinking differently. We believe that together we achieve great things. Our therapists are recognized for compassion, knowledge and commitment to excellence. We deliver comprehensive quality therapeutic care to everyone. We strive to assure that each patient receives personal attention through close collaboration between our staff our patients and their families.

Here at VITAL, we specialize in pediatrics and adolescents but as part of our goal towards caring for the whole family, we are expanding into providing therapeutic services for adults. All of our staff are cross trained to look at the whole child or individual patient. We believe in a wholistic approach to therapy. By utilizing direct therapy provision combined with a coaching model for families, we empower you to complete carry over activities in your home so that therapy can be a more productive experience for you and your family. Our health and wellness center includes private treatment rooms, a sensory based gym, a kids’ kitchen, a dedicated arts and crafts space perfect for social groups, and a separate treatment space for adults. We also have dedicated services for feeding therapy with multiple cross trained disciplines to work through each stage of feeding and swallowing and boast an in-house Augmentative/Assistive Technology Clinic where we support you from the evaluation through the insurance filing to delivery and on-going support and therapeutic services.

We do not believe in episodes of care. We believe that you are the most informed individual about your needs or your family’s needs. Our therapists and administrative personnel spend the extra time to ensure either we obtained extended insurance authorization for needed services or offer some of the most affordable self-pay plans in Hampton Roads. We also do not believe in stacking or overlapping appointments. We believe that your appointment is for you alone. It is your time to have dedicated one on one attention with one of our trained therapists for us to personalize evaluations to best support you and your individual needs and therapeutic goals. Come see why we are different.

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